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Originally Posted by ob3517 View Post
Hi susan,
What is your rest between each event or what interval are you swimming on during each set?
I rest until I feel I can do the task again that I've set for myself. The 50s at the beginning have about 10 seconds rest. Some of the 100s later on had up to a minute's rest (I typically zoned out and zoned back in when I was ready).

There is no magic answer. The easier the swim is, the shorter rest intervals you can take. The more challenging the set, the more rest you need to perform the set at the same skill level as before.

As fitness improves, rest times will coem down...but I don't use rest times as either prescriptive parts of my swim or as a tool to measure the success of my set. Just a marker of fitness/improvement.

If I'm doign 100s and only needing 10s rest on a set that is intended to be progressively more challenging, I have to ask myself if I'm challenging myself enough.
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