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My quick impression of all this would be that it looks like a good set of tips. Just don't forget the 3 other strokes ;-)

Now on a more philosophical note...

I wonder (just wondering, not questioning) about the idea that *every* single session be done total TI way.

Isn't it permitted to sometimes just forget about it and just swim?

Here's what I mean here. You have squad training (regardless if it's a Master Squad, or a Tri Squad, or any other squad), and personal training like that done in public pool sessions. The group I am in charge of is given the possibility to swim up to 3 times / week in squad. However, as a head coach, I strongly discourage our people to do this. I think it's good to keep at least 1 but preferably 2 sessions per week by your own. During these, one can go total TI (if it's what they would like). During a group session? Just go with the group.

The philosophical wondering here is: Aren't you worried of creating a fence between TI and traditional swimming? Can't a TI Swimmer just... swim once in a while?

Anyway, the more I think about it, after having read your list a few times, the more I believe that you're tackling on something interesting. I am just not sure that your list prioritizes the right thing.

For instance. Is it really mandatory to count strokes on every lap + remembering all that? Once you crossed reference stroke count with swim time, what's the point of remembering all that data?

On the other hand on your list, I wish I saw a Drill table of equivalence. This could be very very important and productive.

What I mean here is something as follow:

Freestyle Catchup Drill == translates into ==> Whatever TI Drill
Breast 2k 1p Drill == translates into ==> Breast whatever TI Drill

Because this could be the biggest challenge the TI swimmer faces when exposed to a bunch of traditional drills (that don't work very well, we agree). How to substitute these for TI valid replacements, which could produce similar forward speed (so that your TI swimmer stays with the group), etc.. Again there, do not underlook Individual Medley, because that's what Masters train!

Maybe one last thing about the philosophical point I raised. One of the great value in swimming with Masters is to share good quality time with other people. Having fun. Making jokes, sharing stories, belonging to this group. If you act in a way to isolate yourself, denying all work promoted by the coach, that you behave like a TI freak animal that does his thing, not sure you're actually belonging to this group, and not sure you'll have as much fun.

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