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I haven't read every post in this thread as have been traveling a few days and not online so apologies if I am repeating anything discussed.

I think TI is much more than a swimming technique, swimming is just the current chosen vehicle.

I could just as easily apply my understanding of TI to learning Tennis, the trumpet or a career in management.

What is the TI template.

1 Take a technical skill and deconstruct it into smaller parts to allow for self coaching.

Successful Self coaching relies on full comprehension of the smaller parts together with an opportunity for self evaluation.

2. Adopt a kaizen based daily practice based on mindful focus.

3. Make iterative changes during a process of continuous self evaluation.

4. Provide an enthusiastic support network to encourage group learning and or professionally trained coaches for people requiring a short cut to success.

TI is a vastly superior version of the ...for dummies series and the fact that it has not been expanded to titles other than swimming astounds me.
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