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Originally Posted by flowersnapper View Post
Hi Everyone,

I'm delighted to join your community - I've just been watching Terry's marvellous DVD Perpetual Motion Freestyle in 10 lessons and have been blown away by it.

I've joined the local gym and can't wait to get down to the pool to start putting it into practice.

Apart from wanting to improve my swimming (I'm a real novice), I was hoping to firm up my flabby abdominals. Although I am a gardener by profession due to a back injury years ago, I kneel most of the time when I'm working, hence the flabby tummy.

I must say I've never seen such a relaxed, competent and inspiring swimmer as Terry, but I am a little surprised Terry hasn't got a tremendous six pack as I would have imagined. I'm not meaning to be rude in any way, its just an observation.

Is there any explanation for this? I would have thought with all the fantastic exercise it would have been a washboard stomach.

Thanks in advance


If you do some reading on the Internet you will find that the major core muscle group that you will engage with swimming (if done right) is your TVA - this is the muscle that actually sits under the Abs and runs across your body.

If want some serious abs then you should read the book by Tim Ferriss the Four Hour Body - he will give you two basic exercises in there to work all of your abs and he also discusses the body fat percentages you need to be at (and how to get there) to get a defined six pack - it is much easier than you think - but will not happen through swimming alone.

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