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Default no Problems Saroj.

One of the things i found most valuable was to video myself - both underwater and by the side of the pool.

I just leave my cameras setup on a tripod (one in the water and the other on the side of the pool up higher) and leave them running whilst i am practising certain things.

I find that i prefer to swim using as much TI as i have mastered and then when i identify an area that does not look right - go back to the TI videos etc and find the drill to fix that part (rather than the other way of practising drills over and over again before even doing any swimming.)

I have found that this works best for me and the way i learn (plus i am also getting exercise by doing lots of laps and focusing on just one element each time)

I have not found problems with over rotation - but have found that my body moves a lot more in the water than i thought - so i have been doing a lot of core exercises lately to try and isolate and strengthen those muscles

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