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Originally Posted by Saroj View Post
Hi All,

[*]For folks new to rhythmic breathing, is it normal to have a sense of shortage of breath till the body gets accustomed to the “bites of air”?

Any advice or perspective around these problems is heartily welcome and appreciated!!!

Saroj, I started on my TI journey about 3 months ago and like you found one of the hardest things to do was to get Rythmic breathing right. I grew up around the water and was always a confident but ungainly swimmer, so i knew it was not an issue with fear etc. However as a kid i had never done Squad or lap swimming etc so had never had a big focus on breathing correctly etc.. (funnily enough the two things i found hardest was getting used to goggles and a swim cap !)

When i started up with TI i noticed a couple of things

1) I only ever breathed on one side (never noticed this before) and thus was trying to take 4 strokes for each breath

2) I was trying to concentrate on too many things at once and was doing all of them poorly.

SO i read every thread on here and tried all the different drills and nothing really seemed to help until i took some video of myself going up and down the pool.

I found out i was kicking way too much (and this obviously uses up a lot of air), so i have consciously stopped kicking altogether for the time being.

I also realised i was stroking waaay faster than i thought and had to force myself to slow a long way down.

Once i did both of these and concentrated (to the exclusion of all other technique) on breathing out ALL THE TIME underwater it all seemed to click into place and i could just swim along virtually forever (still with shocking TI style though !!)

I have also found that it helps to breathe out of your mouth with pursed lips - if you ever plan on doing open water swimming - you will get a mouthful of water at some point - being in the habit of breathing out underwater with pursed lips will make sure you get rid of this water in your mouth as the first step, so if you have to roll right to the other side to catch up on your breath you can and will be ready to take in the next bite of air.

I also found that i was trying to breathe out TOO much underwater and hence then taking in a big gulp of air, once i solved that i was much better able to take just a small bite of air.

I still find that adding a kick back in (and trying to time it correctly to assist with hip thrust and rotation) is a "bridge too far" for me at the moment and hence am consciously staying away from kicking until i can get a lot of the other basics working correctly.

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