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Thanks Coach, I really appreciate you taking the time to revert on this. I would be trying out the combination as adviced by you (alternating between rhythmic and interrupted breaths).

I had a follow-up question. I have been viewing the "Perpetual Motion Freestyle" DVD in the past 2 days to find a solution to my problem. In one of the lessons, Terry mentions something which he terms as "Semi Interrupted Breathing". I didn't quite understand what this is & how is it different from "Interrupted breathing". Would you have any clarifications around this?

Purely from an understanding of the English language I can feel that it might probably be an intermediary step (and a logical step) between Interrupted breathing and Rhythmic Continuous Breathing.

However, what does "Semi Interrupted Breathing" mean in practical terms? What does it mean in terms of motion of legs/hands/head turn for breath etc.? Probably what I mean to ask is, what does it mean in terms of focal points. Any advise that you provide around this would be of immense help!!!
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