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There are several things that could make you gradually start to feel short of breath:

1) You may not be taking in enough air. I once worked with a swimmer who was lifting his head a bit every time he rolled to breathe, except that he couldn't hold it there because he was unbalanced in that position, and the result was that his head would then drop below the surface before he had time to completely fill his lungs. So his lungs would gradually get emptier and emptier on each stroke.

2) You could be wasting energy, causing you to get out of breath. The most common cause of this is doing too vigorous a kick, thereby wasting energy.

3) Your stroke may have slowed down as you became more efficient, which will cause you to breathe less often. But this should go away if you focus on staying relaxed.

If you're comfortable doing interrupted breathing, I'd suggest alternating between a regular breath and an interrupted breath, and as you do this, try to mentally compare what your body is doing on a regular breath and what it is doing on an interrupted breath, and try to figure out why the first doesn't let you get enough air, while the second does.

You can then try taking more than one regular breath between interrupted breaths, and see how many regular breaths you can add before you start to feel short of breath.

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