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Default Inhalation & Ease

Hi All,

I need some advice on breathing. My form & alignment seem to be reasonably OK, culled by constructive feedback from my TI Buddy Ananthaditya (Senior Member of this forum & a passionate TI'er). He has been kind enough to extensively cover my swims on video & correct me at various points in time. Scope of improvement is obviously there (Kaizen), but at the same time there isn’t fundamentally wrong or deviant from the TI approach. Thus at this stage I have made it my goal to get breathing out of the way, so that I can concentrate further on a zillion other aspects on my way to graceful & effortless swimming.

My Problem: Optimal Inhalation

I breath every stroke to my right. I mindfully exhale under water continuously. The first 2-3 breaths are fine, thereafter I observe that my head is either progressively deeper in water thus it becomes gradually difficult to inhale or even if I am able to inhale, I start to feel I am progressively short of breath.

Possible Diagnosis:
  1. My body is denser so it requires more air to remain buoyant.
  2. I am thinking that I inhale, but actually may not be inhaling the oft mentioned “bite of Air”. This leads to my head going deeper into water gradually.
  3. There is something else that is wrong & I am not able to catch it.

Questions for which I am looking for answers:
  1. I am very comfortable doing interrupted breathing. While one graduates from interrupted breathing to rhythmic breathing, does one face the same issues that I am facing or are my problems unique?
  2. What are the practical steps & focal points that would lead from Interrupted breathing to rhythmic breathing. While doing so, how does one ensure that the bodily requirements of air are met?
  3. Would placing my lead arm a little higher (closer to the surface of water) help in ensuring that my head remains on the surface and inhalation isn’t as tough?
  4. For folks new to rhythmic breathing, is it normal to have a sense of shortage of breath till the body gets accustomed to the “bites of air”?

Any advice or perspective around these problems is heartily welcome and appreciated!!!

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