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Originally Posted by CoachGeorgeRandall View Post
Hi Chris..and welcome,

I added a few thoughts and replies to your inquiries

Apart from wanting to improve my swimming (I'm a real novice), I was hoping to firm up my flabby abdominals. Although I am a gardener by profession due to a back injury years ago, I kneel most of the time when I'm working, hence the flabby tummy.

Some things I would recommend to tone - up/strengthen and remove excess fat around your mid section:

Swim- this will work/tone every muscle in your body
Proper Nutrition and the of quality/quanity of food intake. Usually this is the culprit behind the excess flabb.
Land activities that burn calories- Walking,cycling, jogging, etc..
Crunches- these are great for toning and stengthing your core and will help take the stress of your back.
Yoga-enable you to develop flexibility, strength, and balance.

I must say I've never seen such a relaxed, competent and inspiring swimmer as Terry, but I am a little surprised Terry hasn't got a tremendous six pack as I would have imagined. I'm not meaning to be rude in any way, its just an observation.
Is there any explanation for this? I would have thought with all the fantastic exercise it would have been a washboard stomach.

If your goal is to want washboard abs you will most likely need to do aerobic activities wtih isolated focused land exercises like sit-ups, crunches and control your fat intake in your diet. Yes there are swimmers with washboard stomachs and my guess is it's from having a land based exercise program that they follow. Does this look really improve there swimming? Or will as in Terry's case having excellent technique, superbly toned muscles (from swimming,yoga), and most importantly a well exercised brain prove to be more productive. Another point I think what gets misunderstood from some is if someone doesn't have a washboard stomach they often assume that they are out of shape or have untoned muscles and are poor athletes. Certainly having a washboard stomach won't hurt your swimming and may even prove to be more benificial in some land based sports.

Hope this help
Swim Well to Be Well
Thanks to everyone for your help - I went to pool today, only one in - gorgeous.

Starting Terry's lessons, only up to lesson two, but really enjoying it.

Thanks again

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