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Originally Posted by naj View Post
Hey Coach Stu remember swim2bfree ain't the only South Ender on this site! I've been in the bay year round since I first learned TI and, for that matter, learned to swim back in '08.

I enjoy what the bay throws at me each morning at 5:30am. In fact today we had a northwest wind which created big swells and lots of choppy water. When I'm in those conditions I concentrate on staying low in the water, gliding and using my hip drive to get me along.

Not gonna lie I'm not too fast, but I have strong endurance (I can go 2hrs in 52F/11C). I conserve a lot of energy, stay warm through yoga breathing and focus on just a couple of things while I'm out there. Rough conditions are without a doubt in my mind the best to train in for open water. All the better if you can go West of The Golden Gate Bridge and take on conditions out there on "bad" days, then your really ready for rough water!

Oh and BTW Coach Suzanne, I love to pilot kayaks in rough water. TI principles work well when your paddling up he face of a four ft wave in the ocean :-)

Keep Swimming!

PS Coach Stuart drop me a line next time your in town and we'll go out together. Swim2bfree, I'll see you on the beach!
Naji! That is awesome you're a South Ender too. I will look you and Swim2BFree up next time I'm up there, let's do an AP swim! Nice work acclimating to 52 degs (burrr) and swimming for two hours in those conditions - rockin!

See you soon and Happy Swimming!

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