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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
. Last time I was conferencing in front of 11-17yo folks. And so when I reached Shelley's footage, I ask them: "Do you think this swimmer is an elite? If she was swimming in public pool sessions, do you think she would be fast enough to swim in the middle lanes identified as fast lane?"

Most would answer NO. She could barely make it in AVG lanes L)

Camera angles can be very deceiving. In Shelly's demo it looks like the camera is following her along from above and there are no cross tiles directly below to give an indication of speed. It looks like a good set up to see a true picture of your style.

Maybe you should have got the 11-17's to bet with you on how much they would beat her by in a long OW race.

Some videos you see show a slightly slowed down view showing the aesthetics of the swimmers style then immediately cut to a low angle with the cameraman walking towards the swimmer and you see the floats on the lane markers whizzing by and think wow how can they go so fast with such an easy relaxed style.?

Then the Anna Karin Lundin video was like a work of art : A beautiful style in a nice setting with professional creative camera work.

Myself I'm not too sure about video . In everything I've done I've worked hard to develop body awareness and so far it seems transferable from one thing to another. I'm even a little scared I might loose some B/A if I take the easy way out. I guess the answer is a little at just the right time.
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