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Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
and the spite of some of the males she beat (though I can't really believe that one ; I can't imagine any male having a fragile ego)
She'd do most of her male victim among the middle of the pack guys. I used to be assigned to one of them. Euhh well, we scored a few podiums, but very often we would finish 5 or 6th (guy). The recurring theme those days with these guys was: "are we in front of Shelley? How far in front Shelley is?"

As an aside, in the Pro crowd, she would cost you several hundred $$ when she passed you, as there are 2 bursaries system: 1 for per gender ranking and 1 for overall ranking.

Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
There is great multi angle views of her stroke on the SS "Catch Masterclass" dvd. I read somewhere on SS that Shinji had bought a copy.
On of my favorite "actress" on this DVD. When I conference, I usually show various swimmers. Last time I was conferencing in front of 11-17yo folks. And so when I reached Shelley's footage, I ask them: "Do you think this swimmer is an elite? If she was swimming in public pool sessions, do you think she would be fast enough to swim in the middle lanes identified as fast lane?"

Most would answer NO. She could barely make it in AVG lanes LOL

As for her 2bk, yes she sees herself as a very poor kicker. She's relatively bad at kick sets. She trained in our University for a few months in 95. I saw her booking a endless set of 100m on 1:15, touching the wall at 1:06 1:07. But in kick sets she was not leading the lane.

However what makes her 2bk the best possible 2bk, is that (as you may know for having looked at the CMC-DVD), when you see here swimming from the front, underwater, you just can't see her feet (nor can water)!

@S2BFree, very nice smooth stroke. Conditions looked fun. Glad that I could see you swim. Feel bless to *know* about yourself that you're shoulder driven. As far as my own stroke, I have no clue! (LOL)

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