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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
Who told you this secret? Footage of here are no where to be found on the web.

It's true though, she's the best possible 2b kicker in the whole world. That 2bk is simply astonishing.

From the best source . She said so herself in her book "Dangerous When Wet". She has a website that she sells it through. I got mine second hand through Amazon. Some interesting stories of colliding with a floating dead body in one race and the severe physical handicaps in her childhood that she had to overcome, and the spite of some of the males she beat (though I can't really believe that one ; I can't imagine any male having a fragile ego)

There is great multi angle views of her stroke on the SS "Catch Masterclass" dvd. I read somewhere on SS that Shinji had bought a copy.
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