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That's an awesome video! Something about OW swim starts that are so exciting, even on video. Most swimmers look shoulder driven, but if I were to guess, you are the swimmer mostly in the middle of the frame breathing to your right on 2's. Looks about 65-70 spm too.

Southend Rowing Club - very cool. I heard they have an "out of towner" membership for folks that drift through on biz or otherwise? Sure like to get into that hot tub after a swim in AP, and of course love to do any of their organized swims across the bay too. I think Gary Emich ( and Joe Oaks) is at SouthEnd - Garys's taught me a ton about swimming and surviving in the SF Bay - he's one of my favorite people (and swimmers) on earth, terrific guy.

And yes, agree - same can be said for hip driven stroke, doesn't necessarily mean low tempo either

Stay in touch and let's do a swim soon!


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