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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
Happy to hear you're an uber Bay swimmer. Love see your shoulder driven quick turnover stroke and how it holds up in rough, bumpy water. The next time I'm up in the Bay Area, let's do a swim in Aquatic Park (we can sneak outside AP for a bit by sea wall), or if a trip lines up with an Alcatraz crossings, let's do that too. Hey, did you do WWS Bridge to Bridge last weekend?
I don't do WWS swims as I'm a South End member and those swims (and much, much more!) are included in my membership.

My SR isn't really that high... 60-65 SPM for marathon pace, perhaps up to 70 if it's really rough and/or cold. However I am decidedly shoulder-driven. Like Terry says, high tempo doesn't equal shoulder driven. I would add: low tempo doesn't equal hip driven.

There is some video of me swimming here:

It's the start of Wave 3 (of 3) at MIMS 2011. Can you guess which one I am? ;-)

Thanks for the engagement, Stuart.
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