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Originally Posted by swim2Bfree View Post
It's not a paraphrase, it's a direct quote. Go to the main page - Look at the summary for the post we are discussing.

My actual quote was "shoulder drivers thrive in rough water." The distinction is key. I also didn't say other types couldn't thrive too, just that it's demonstrably true that many high tempo swimmers do well in rough water.

Terry's observations do not line up with Skinner's. Skinner was talking about pool swimming - short course vs. long course. There are far too many different variables in open water justify the logical leap from "hip driven stroke is superior in long course pool swimming" to "hip driven stroke is superior in open water."

PS, I swim in SF Bay too. Year-round, without a wetsuit. The colder the water, the rougher the water, the higher my stroke rate. Seems to work for me.
Sorry, I meant to say "rough water" not "open water", and yes there is a distinction no doubt. I believe Skinner's observations do line up with Terry's assertions and is a good supporting argument; you don't agree - again that's fine.

Happy to hear you're an uber Bay swimmer. Love see your shoulder driven quick turnover stroke and how it holds up in rough, bumpy water. The next time I'm up in the Bay Area, let's do a swim in Aquatic Park (we can sneak outside AP for a bit by sea wall), or if a trip lines up with an Alcatraz crossings, let's do that too. Hey, did you do WWS Bridge to Bridge last weekend? Maybe you are I were on the same boat and didn't know it :-) I wish we had an Aquatic Park, Southend Rowing Club in LA - great place. Send me your contact to and I'll drop you a line the next time I'm in the area, and likewise drop me a line if you're down in LA and we can find a nice piece of ocean (Venice, Santa Monica) to stretch out our wings for an afternoon "chop swim". There's a group that swim Wed eves (5p) in summer, called "Wed Night Choppers" too.

And I agree Terry, high tempo doesn't mean it's shoulder driven. Although it seems, my perception anyway, shoulder driven is usually associated with high tempo, quick turnover.

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