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Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
It's also very different trying to win a race vs enjoying the challenge of moving your body through different water conditions.
Ahhh, the source of most debates. It all depends where you place your hopes and goals.

Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
I wonder if any top swimmers time their movements to the swells, such as cruise up power down. It would bring new meaning to the phrase "swimming downhill". The ocean here is often what could be described as "washing machine " conditions with bare minimal visibility.
Yes they do. They sometimes face conditions that are barely imaginable. I remember on the pro scene of a race, not sure if it's still raced, but at the time, we were swimming for a while in the sea (Atlantic obviously) before heading to some strange river which would take us in people's backyard really.

There was a point where the current was so strong, that we were allowed to tow our swimmers. By themselves, they just couldn't continue moving forward!

Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
It's wonderful to have a forum like this and get a reply to questions from a professional coach on the other side of the world.
I currently sit one cheek on each world. I have coached professional swimmers, and I'm currently preparing one to get to this level next year.
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