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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post

Of course there are those multi million hits 9 strokes or so clips. He would almost go backward in rough conditions swimming in this manner.

You are 100% right there. It's a pity though. I was hoping you might say that if someone had a beautiful aesthetic glide they could power through anything with their perfect streamline.
The only OW video I have seen of Shinji he is swimming in quite user friendly water with a slightly ruffled surface. It would be really interesting to see him in various adverse conditions.
I think that smooth efficient movement is programmed so deeply into his nervous system he would still look smooth and he has enough body intelligence to find an efficient way in any conditions.

It's also very different trying to win a race vs enjoying the challenge of moving your body through different water conditions.

I wonder if any top swimmers time their movements to the swells, such as cruise up power down. It would bring new meaning to the phrase "swimming downhill". The ocean here is often what could be described as "washing machine " conditions with bare minimal visibility.

It's wonderful to have a forum like this and get a reply to questions from a professional coach on the other side of the world.
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