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I don't think your problem is with turn technique, but with what you're doing going into your turn.

When I first started doing 50 breaststroke in competition, my plan was to swim as hard as I could during the first 25, and then to try to maintain that speed during the second 25. What would happen, instead, is that I'd break out of my streamline early after the turn because my body desperately wanted air, leaving me with more distance to swim, and then my stroke would become sloppier and sloppier during the second 25 as my muscles started to tire and my body instinctively altered my technique to try to shift the effort to other muscles. By the time I finished the 50, I'd feel like I never wanted to swim breaststroke again. Swimming 100 breaststroke seemed like an impossible dream!

But then I began experimenting with not going all out during the first 25, and concentrating, instead, on technique and efficiency. I found that I could streamline for half the length of the (short course) pool after my turn, and I could pour on speed near the end and finish the 50 feeling like I had plenty left in my tank. I then began experimenting with how hard I could push things during the first 25 without shortening my streamline and causing my stroke technique to collapse during the second 25, and I eventually found a balance.

I progressed to 100 breaststroke, and last year actually began training 200 brfeaststroke (though I haven't yet had an opportunity to do a 200 in competition).

A similar problem exists when you are doing breaststroke as part of an I.M. I actually make a point, as I am approaching the end of the backstroke leg of an I.M., of consciously reducing my effort level and focusing, instead, on perfect, efficient technique, because I've found that any time I lose during the backstroke leg by doing this is more than made up for by my ability to maintain a longer streamline during the breaststroke leg. But, once again, this is something you need to experiment with and tune as part of your preparation for the competition.

Hope this helps!


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