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... forgot to say... a problem my coach identified with me was I wasn't being patient enough with my leading hand as I turned to breathe. In turn my breathe was hurried and I was lifting up my head. Focus on keeping that hand out in front as you turn to breathe so your 'laser beam' remains straight and it feels nice and balanced. You could try something like catch-up drill or the TI skate drill. The superman glide is good too.

Maybe: superman glide a few times to find that sense of balance, then skate drill turning effortlessly to breathe (its an exaggerated over-rotation but should feel balanced and easy). Once you feel alright with that do a few repeats of a catch-up style drill being patient with that lead hand.
Solo lead hand could definitely "stay out longer" but even when I tested "gliding" which kept my lead out, breathing by the end of the 25 was tough


1. Going slow , I get the 25m but still out of breath a bit
2. Going fast , I get the 25m but still out of breath
3. Even when balanced , out of breath

I know some have had "fear" of deep water, well I'm training in 4 foot. I'm thinking "'maybe" it's cause when I'm in freestyle I'm constantly "sinking" I "feel" the feeling of "better keep moving or your gonna sink"

I can float on my back, but it's gotta be "tension/fear".... Even though I'm not really scared! Subconscious ?? I've seen some
Folks say this was their issue with breathing but seems weird

I train only in a 7-9 foot lane and see if I react different ?

Any thoughts appreciated
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