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Originally Posted by CoachJamesEwart View Post
The Pull works best when timed with rotation. We exert pressure to drive forwards from high side to low side past that anchoring low side hand. Pull too soon and you have lost the coupling motion of shifting and catching and holding at the same time. That's another thng that's unhelpful about the Unco drill - it messes up your timing.

We exert pressure to drive forwards
where do we exert pressure?

Pull too soon
when is it too soon? Lets say you still use front quadrant timing. Is it too soon if you are still at the edge of front quadrant timing?

it messes up your timing
I have to think about this one. There are differnt ways to talk about timing.
One is the timing of one arm relative to the other when shifting from one side to the other. The weightshift.(with the kick etc)
The other is the timing of the the whole entering of the arm, setting up catch, connecting with core and kick, followed by recovery and back to entering and making that cycle as smooth and effective as possible.<
In my view the weight shift is a part of the whole sequence, but only a part of the whole stroke.
By taking away this part you can focus more on the other parts.
I have heard plenty times, and also from personal experience, that it improves your timing. Especially your smoothness and connection from all bodyparts that are still available.

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