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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
OK. one arm always in front makes front- rear balance easier I agree. But more or less blocks rotation, and teaches 100% catchup timing which is not optimal normal swimtiming.
OK. It does force the swimmer to use the core/hip/leg region to use as a foundation for throwing that arm forward.
There is nothing else left to help that movement. Is that what you want to achieve?

External forces of the weight and momentum?... Where do you think that weight gets its momentum from?
You alway talk about primal instincts to pull. So what place does the pull have in the stroke besides being primal and intinctive? (instinctive being to balance and get to air I suppose)

The Pull works best when timed with rotation. We exert pressure to drive forwards from high side to low side past that anchoring low side hand. Pull too soon and you have lost the coupling motion of shifting and catching and holding at the same time. That's another thng that's unhelpful about the Unco drill - it messes up your timing.

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