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Originally Posted by daveblt View Post
The core turns toward the side ,the arm stretches forward as the leg goes up just a little and stretches back with toes pointed so at that moment the body is long and toned before the downbeat and then vice versa as you rotate to the other side. No need to THINK much about exact timing of the arm and the kick. At least that is the way it seems good balanced swimmers appear to be doing in the videos I see. Just like a good dancer you move and swing your body and it just happens .

Yep, we may be describing the same thing in different ways to some extent.

To those who are still doing a conscious upkick for your 2BK, think about this:

As your left arm spears, your right leg kicks down so it is "ahead" of your left leg. As a result of this right-leg kick (Newton's law), your legs rotate so the right hip moves up (toward the surface of the water), helping your body move onto its side so the left side is down.

When the right arm spears, your left leg kicks down. But, since the right leg is already "ahead" of the left leg from your previous kick, no upkick is needed. Simply kick the left leg down--which rotates your legs so the left hip moves up, and your body is on its side with right side down.

After each kick, the resulting body rotation puts the next leg in perfect position to kick again, with no preparatory motion needed.
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