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Originally Posted by Mushroomfloat View Post

Well Coach Dougal got that wrong sorry.

Coupling motions are created through combining forces of rotation, catch and kick. It's pretty basic physics. Think "tug of war". Pull together. Timing is everything. Straight arm is irrelevant. Wow this forum is rife with disinformation about TI. Have any of you actually ever attended a workshop or TI coaching session?
Where did this come from? Shroom talking about me again and taking out of context, "Coach Dougal"? I recall the coupling vs connection language in a post somewhere but "coupling" was in the context of windmill stroke, shoulders are coupled together. And "connection" each arm moves independently *connected* through the core in whole body movement.

Btw, MF. What do we know about you, your swim background, where you from (Perth?), coaching experience, favorite places you swim, etc. Remaining anonymous given the amount of time you spend daily on the TI forum doesn't help your credibility.

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