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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
I was summoned?! Hello everyone!! So a thread about one-armed swimming...excellent. I do recall that thread you mention Danny, and I'll see if I can find it. I always enjoyed reading Charles' thoughts.

I still use and enjoy 1 armed swimming for a variety of lessons, including catch as well as breathing. The bobbing can't be avoided because of the mass of the arm coming out of the water. It could be minimized with a "better" catch, but it's going to happen no mater how you do it. Fins or a strong kick could change your forward trajectory so it's lower amplitude, as would adding 1 arm in front.

For breathing I use the 1 armed stroke WITH the natural bob that occurs to help teach patience & stability, and an expectation of air appearing at your face without effort. By combining breathing to the stroking arm as well as away from the stroking arm, the drill emphasizes the beginning and the ending of the breathing opportunity. Each variation emphasizes a different part of the timing and opportunity specifically because there is a bob.

Breathing towards the stroking arm requires the chin to rotate with the shoulder with no delay and as the stroke underwater progresses and the body rotates, the air is immediately right there at the shoulder. During recovery the body quickly sinks so if you didn't get air at that moment you're going to struggle.

On the opposite side, you need to pause in skate, while the chin is rotated towards the top shoulder, which is the non stroking arm. During this pause the body needs to be stabilized and the mindpatient, and as the body bobs back up to the surface somewhat later in this cycle, magically air appears at the face.

In full stroke swimming then, one can combine that learning so that the breath starts early enough and lasts long enough to get plenty of air without struggle.

So lots of good uses in my opinion.

The last clinic I taught with Terry was last summer in Yellow Springs, OH with his sister Pegeen. It was a 1 day condensed clinic and Terry used 1 armed breathing in exactly the way I described above.

So there's no trouble with the Bob in his stroke. he knew it was there and used it for several good teaching points. if the observer doesn't see the value or know the teaching points, it doesn't mean he's drilling poorly, just that the viewer needs to keep remaining open to new learning possibilities.

For full disclosure, I am no longer a TI coach, but remain fond of all that Terry taught me, and of the TI systematic approach.
Suzanne! What a wonderful surprise! Haven't heard from you in a very long time...often wondered how you were doing. Do you ever hear anything from Charles? He too seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth (or at least off of this forum...)

Best regards,

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