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Default Final Summer 2016 Practice

Monday 5 Sept - Labor Day - 2400 LCM at Ulster County Pool

I felt a little bit under the weather today so I swam as easily as possible, with the idea of seeing how well I could swim with truly minimized effort.
6 x 100 @ 41 SPL Descend from 2:06 to 2:01
3 x 200. Goal was to hold same SPL and pace as on the 100s. I succeeded.
4 x 100. Goal was to maintain same effort level and SPL but swim faster. I did, averaging 1:59 to 1:58
2 x 200 Goal was again to match SPL and pace from 100s. Again I succeeded.

8 x 50 with Tempo. Increased tempo from 1.12 to 1.05. Goal was to hold initial stroke count - 42 SPL - as long as possible. I held it to 1.06.

Late Afternoon approx 800m at Jones Beach
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