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Hello Terry,

some minor(?) questions, because I tried to work in similar FPs last weeks...

...‘holding my place’ by applying feather-light pressure with a soft lead Hand...
Do I understand right? You're addressing both arms? Otherwise, when and where should pressure be addressed to the lead arm? (Thought never...)

Extend Bodyline and Open Axilla as I stretch forward.
FP on open Axilla often causes (for me) what might be called EVF. Some might just wish it, but it most times causes some unwanted stress in my rotator cuffs. So what combined FP to "open Axilla" would you suggest to avoid that?

.. being softer and more patient with my lead Hand..
Well, if you talk about a more Patient lead Hand, when do you let float your lower arm to set up the catch?

Add new focus of slipping forearm through same slot fingers cut on entry.
Do you have rule of thumb how far in front you'll create the Slot to reach that? Is it a "just felt" constant or pace-, amount of rotation- or amount of shrugged shoulder dependent?

Glad if you'll find mood and time for an answer.

Best regards,
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