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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
I find those that go into too much detail and complexity in explanation, don't have a solid grasp of what's happening and are mostly confused; although their intentions are good.
But we do like to think about it. It is a part of the game. We are all in for
thinking about. Endelessly.
resist the impulse to pull and moving water back, use minimal movement holding as much water as possible. Allow the timing of the limbs to happen naturally from the inside out based on height, skill and rate of turnover.
That is my question in every post. When, when do you all get a catch?
I never pull. As in a post above, about olympics and stillness underwater,
I tend to do almost nothing. But... what do you all mean when you say
"hold the water"? If I get proper 90 degree vertical catch early, I ruin every
notion of low drag. What I do? I extend arm, set hand down and wait for
recovery of the ather arm. Armpit is open as shoulder is extended. I want
to be in the most optimal low drag position as long as I can. When I rotate
opposite, my arm stays extended and I do not catch anything. I do it, since,
going other flank, I may keep an elbow high and get late vertical forearm
absolutelly vertical. Then, only then I run muscles to let that vertical forearm
stay in place. I might be all wrong!
Regarding all this, swimming backstroke, I do all parts just as Boomer
wants his swimmer to do. On flank, heavy recovery, catch. Long time I try
to just turn on the other side and do the same, but it is not the same. Without
furtehr thinkering, I could swim faster backstroke, if I'd like. It proves me
I'm correct. Just want to do the same in freestyle.
Yes, please, make post as long as you could. I like to read everything on this
crucial subject.
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