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Default Long Course Meters Practices on Consecutive Days

Sunday July 31 -- 2400 LCM at Ulster County Pool (Tempo + SPL)
Monday Aug 1 -- 2400 LCM at Ulster County Pool (SPL + Time)

I've had a pretty intense Gastro-intestinal complaint for the past six days, which wiped me out. I've swum a couple of times, but nothing I could post. However, I felt a slight degree of relief for brief periods the last two days and took advantage to get in two practices in the outdoor 50m pool in New Paltz. The weather was foreboding both days so I was sharing the pool with only one or two other swimmers.

Sunday I swam 400m - 4 x 100 - 400m - 4 x 100 - 400m - 8 x 50
On the 400s I swam without tempo and averaged 39 SPL
On the 100s I swam at 1.20 tempo and averaged 41 SPL
On the 50s I gradually increased tempo to 1.14 and continued to average 41 SPL.

Monday, I swam 3 rounds of 4 x 200 on 4:30. counting strokes and timing the 200s.
In each round of 200s I swam as follows
#1 Form Right and Left-Side Bodylines and hold during recovery. Hold--don't Press--on the stroke.
#2 Add Firm Hip Slide
#3 Add Firm Toe Flick
#4 Add Firm Press to armstroke

Round 1 Avg 39 SPL Descend 4:01 to 3:50
Round 2 Avg 39 SPL Descend 3:51 to 3:41
Round 3 Avg 40-41 SPL Descend 3:50 to 3:38

I was especially pleased with this set. I swam farther on these last two practices, despite being in the midst of a debilitating illness, and my times were quite respectable compared to those I swam for 200m repeats the last two summers.
Also I executed the sets exactly as I hoped to.
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