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Originally Posted by wmeg View Post
I was going to masters swimming for a year and I felt like an odd fish.
In the end I just did my own thing, e.g. using the kick board I just did not go forward so had to ditch that, what is a pull buoy about? etc etc.
I looked at the competition results and saw that i could not even beat people in the male 90+ category (I am 62) so I didn't go on to the meets.
You get a good workout and if you're socially inclined they are generally a nice bunch.
As for improving swimming for TI ? Dunno.

There's no reason that you need to use a kickboard for "kicking" sets. Just kick in a skating position and roll to breathe whenever you need a breath. That way, you will be practicing balance and streamlining while you pracitce kiicking, and your kick will bear more resemblance to the kick you will actually use for swimming.

In masters swimming, people are really competing against themselves rather than other swimmers. The worst you can do is come in last in your age group, and if you do, there will always be at least one person who will be very glad you chose to participate, and that's the person who came in next-to-last.

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