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Default What are you guys training for?

I have been a (self-taught) swimmer for about four years now, but I don't have any competitive background - despite having been a member of a (masters) swimmingclub.

About half a year ago I decided to start training for open water events. I stopped swimming the other strokes (fly, back, breast) and a while ago I swam my first 2 mile open water race - in which I finished as one of the very last swimmers hahahaha (1 hour and 15 minutes). I had trouble with the orientation in open water (I think I swam well over 2 mile indeed haha)

In order to participate in competitive swimming (in either open water or in the pool), the Dutch system requires you to have what you might call a starterslicence. And if you want to own one of those you need to be a member of a swimmingclub.

Now I'm thinking about joining my local masters group (they are know to have very good trainers who focus a lot on technique) so i can 1) get a starters licence and 2) improve my technique.

Another reason why I considered a masters group is because I find it hard to stay motivated for open water, seeing the fact that these races are only held during June, July, August and September. That's eight months without racing!

So I was wondering what you guys are training for so I can take that into consideration. Do you train solely for open water or do you also train for, say, 200 IM or fly?

Sorry if I didn't make any sense; I have a hard time being concise.

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