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It helped me to think of it as 1-beat, not 2-beat. As Suzanne points out, focus on one kick to get you to the other side, and that's all you need to concentrate on to get the timing. After you get comfortable at an intermediate level, I think you'll notice that you're doing a little pre-kick before your kick just to align all the parts, and that then adds up to 2-beats.

If I were to start all over with TI, I think I would get rid of the kick altogether. Wipe out the bad flutter habits. Maybe even use a pull bouey (is that a dirty word? I can't even spell it). Focus on balancing the hull (Skate). After 2+ years of TI, I'm still surprised to see video of me, and I'm still splaying my legs out, even after the last 3 video reviews told me to stop that!

When I focus on minimizing my kick, I find I'm gliding further, more smoothly and not over-rotating. All good.

Just so you know you're not alone:
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