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It's talked about in more than just elite circles. I discuss it at every coach training, summit and every work shop or lesson series i do. But my discussions are primarily injury preventionfirst and performance second. Can't perform if you are injured!

Scapular retraction at the same time as the internal rotation (firearm pitching down) is a recipe for injury for most adult swimmers...and all but the most flexible of young adults or kids.

Retraction is prt of the push motion to create a full and fluid arm stroke. The retraction should be mostly complete and place the scapula in a neutral position prior to the recovery since over retraction can contribute to sinking during recovery unless your at elite level stroke rates with a powerful kick.
Hey thanks Suzanne,
I think you are correct about playing about with scapular retraction at the catch and recovery etc
It does feel very stressful on the shoulder to EVF right out front whilst retracting the shoulder blade.
I have just watched your "Hook Line & Sinker" video and i think i will give that a try instead, i was certainly over extending above the water and on the underwater reach as yiu demonstrated in the video.

Many Thanks.
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