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My reply is very much like Borate's -- in many ways.

I started from scratch 5 years ago (at 53) with zero swim ability ~~ unable to "swim" any distance at all. (With snorkel and mask, as long as I could reach bottom, I could "play" in the salt water at a beach.)

I decided to take lessons after a near drowning experience ...long story... and therefore made time to join a 20 person rec dept evening class for beginner adults. Nothing but frustration came from that; the following year I took another set of adult beginner lessons; but these were at a University pool and proved a bit better; the following year another set of lessons at the university pool with limited but positive results. In the years since I have followed the TI instructions via video and DVD ~ going the self taught route. The five year period has been filled with assistance from people on these forums. Were there psychological obstacles? Of course there were and Borate put it succinctly: "Fear of death". But I found fins !!! and pressed onward. The downside was that a dependency on the fins developed. Only in the past week or two have I finally been able to swim 25M without fins. And do so on a regular basis now. Still, I need to improve balance and cure breathing issues, but there is no turning back now. So, how have I learned to swim? Slowly !! And now I'm ready to continue a learning process with more confidence.
If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......

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