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At age 40 in search of a fitness regimen (bike rider for years prior), wife, two kids and a new house, I was nudged by a summer intern to try the pool. After much prodding was handed a book and told of a unique 'system' taught by a man who lived in 'my back yard'. Book, website, video clips, book, website, video clips, BINGO!
How? with a family, a job with insane hours and a new home?
I got up at the butt crack of dawn, the only feasible time, every day and sometimes weekends, sometimes twice a day if I could swing a lunch hour, anything to engage myself in what I knew was going to be a big part of keeping my life cohesive and happy. And yes in the dead of winter too, when the morning was night and the air was frigid! I was completely hooked!
I just turned 46 this summer and can't imagine looking back, only forward.
As the children age and work and 'home life' becomes more 'challenging', it does get harder. No more so than this year for me, after a wonderful season of practice last year and being stoked for some challenges this year, found myself squandering for time to practice, not only @ the pool but in the open water, what I came to enjoy most in the last two years. Not to mention support! Support from family and like minded friends.
How to reconcile? Your mindset, it's not a short term deal, a fad, just a means to stay fit, it's a practice. A practice for a life time that embraced as such will undoubtedly bring one satisfaction not only in their swimming but in their overall perspective of life.
Sound hoaky? Give it a try, a real "college try" and see!

Much luck,

P.S. Self taught all the way, a testament to the process.
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