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[QUOTE=CoachFiona;1585]Hello Swimmers,
I am researching the possibilities of doing a TI "world tour" and setting up workshops in places where we have not had TI as well as coordinating in some spots where we do have TI with our local TI reps....Asia, Israel, Oz and cities in Europe such as Barcelona, Rome and Gotenberg or Stockholm who have yet to see TI. I would like to see what kind of interest there would be in this and whether any swimmers out there in the have any locations in mind where they would like to see a TI camp happen and could help coordinate a pool.
Please contact me at
Thank you!

Hi Fiona! Im fairly new to the Total immersion style. Been practising it on my own now for about a year. I live in Sweden and it seems unknown to most of the swimming-people here. Cause everybody I talk to (I go to the public pool everyday in Malmoe) is unaware of the beautiful TI way. So I often tell them the basics and recommend them to try it. But I really miss having a teacher of total immersion. cause it doesn t seem to exist any. Only the stressful "old school swimming teachers". ;o( . Right now Im stuck in my way to master the TI and think that this would have been the solution. I also think there would be a huge support and interest in the TI in Sweden. But then you would have to have someone to promote for it. someone who already master its ways. Forget about Stokholm and Gothemburg! Come to Malmo instead. (Swedens 3rd biggest city). We really need you!
With love "Tritry"

ps. I saw a young swimmer in a lane yesterday working on some of the drills from the "4strokes made easy". My good she looked silly when doing the dolpin slide with her butt pumping up and down. Ive been working on that for a couple of weeks of and on. And just realized I must have been looking just as stupid as she did. ;o) I knew I felt aqward and imbaressed and felt as if everybode looked at me, and I still do from time to time when doing a new drill but that you just have to overcome. d.s
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