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For me its feels very much like the swing example, pushing with the hips like you are pushing a swing,waiting for the right moment. Body rotation movement conversion like the pendulum walking robot.
But there also seems to be some muscle tension release involved. Right at the end of the rotation when you are stretched out and just before the pull, it also feels like you are at the verge of releasing a spring. The muscle tissue which has stretched out contracts again, working together with the weight shift.

I tried the one arm pullbuoy swimming without using the non-stroking arm as an active weight, and its hard to keep the roll going without that weight.
You can use the pulling arn to give the body a roll push next to a forward push and let it fall back again.
Then you get a rushed recovery,right over the water to bring the arm to the front before body falls back again.
Problem in that case is that there is little momentum in the roll, so the body doesnt rolls back enough to push the shoulder and arm in the water. leaving you with a shallow pull. Not the proper way of course, but how bad is it really when arms are used in full stroke to influence bodyroll? Its causing some sideways pulling and distracts from the core drive, is that it?

What interests me is what happens when you want to stroke at a faster rate.
In this example, one has to wait for ages untill the body has rotated back and the pull can start again.

What happens with the weight shift rotation drive when doing this drill at double the rotation frequency?
The pendulum effect is too slow for higher frequencies. Do we have to force the rotation with a more violent kick and hipsnap to keep the roll going at these higher frequencies?
If only Charles could find some time to show it.... (or try it yourself offcourse)

I think you will start seeing the body changing shape at different frequencies. Charles body is rotating like a single lump of mass, hips and shoulders all connected. If the body is morphed between helic shape, straight shape and helix shape again,
during the roll, like Thorpe is doing, it has an effect on the pendulum dynamics.
Sort of breaks up the mechanism.
Dont really understand how, but the body roll inertia must be decreased to roll faster. The whole mass is divided in slices that rotate at different speeds around the spine when the body is moving in and out helix shape during the roll in full stroke.
Sort of this effect:
Certainly you get more pendulum effect with a rigid central body compared to exagerated twisted motion.
Well, thatis how it feels to me. Maybe I am wrong. Still cant move forward very fast with isolated rotation, so I am still missing something.

This guy also waits a bit before catching (at least in the underwaterpart). Love the swin away view (0.22-0.33m). A nice lazy swing, with energy in the driving forward, stretching arm/shoulder.
The stop and go kick is a bit strange, he puts everything on hold too wait for the catch movement (?), Than the whole movement train starts and stops again. It has a lot of TI 2 beat kick drive in it. Hackett also has a bit of this start-stop kick.
Warning, dont try the high elbow stuff from the end at home ...
Elites slow pace (for them) stroketiming looks very much the same to me. Lazy front quadrant timing with smooth everything.

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