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Hey, there's ZenTurtle digging up a thread 4 pages deep. Nice! Just focusing on Thorpe's hips shows me how little he rotates, plus it is kind of surprising how smooth it is considering his pace.

Since posting this, I read a blog of Terry's talking about open water experience and hip drive, and he mentioned merely focusing on the speed of the hip drive - playing with it, trying it faster, trying it slower.

My general experience since, has been that faster gives me nice power for sprints, but I have to control its power to over-rotate me. Slow is what I usually do for distance. Slower still and I'm forgetting to kick - sort of like the feel of first swimming with a wetsuit. Just dragging the log along.

My takeaway seems to be it's really a variable thing depending on pace. I like the merry-go-round metaphor which of course, reminds me of Meatball (!

Fascinating practice Charles - I really feel the pendulum just watching this. I think I'll try it.

Thanks for everyone's inputs - time to play with it all and try to really feel out what works, and yes, I'll measure tempo and SPL too!
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