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Tomoy, I have been on this TI trip for about 7 years. I have enjoyed easy swimming from early on but I've been aware that my speed was not good. I have worked on all the exercises and am happy with my execution of the separate parts.By that I mean things like relaxed recovery, quiet entry, patient hand, floating head, easy breathing, but speed eluded me. Recently I remembered Terry's story of discovering the power of diagonal kick and spear. I have only had 2 long swims in the estuary since I practised it and I admit that I have no metrics but the difference in feeling is miraculous. I have found if I wait till my recovering hand has quietly entered the water and then extend my body diagonally everything happens in perfect time. My downside leg has risen naturally, the diagonal stretch tightens my quad, my knee bends a little and my toes flick and my body rocks to skate. The feeling is of effortless power and almost no weight on my catch. One free extra is that the extended skate allows even more time for breathing. I am not saying don't do the exercises but in the end it is all about effortless swimming which is all about putting the separate parts together rythmically.
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