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Here is a video deminstrating what i mean by connecting your cheek to your shoulder when spearing and breathing
I've seen that video long ago. I can see how it can be helpful in some cases but I think it may also introduce another problem I don't have at the moment. So I "fix" one, and develop another.

As I see it, it encourages shrugging (which is quite bad for the shoulder joint) and/or narrow tracks (which I've been working hard on to fix). If you look at my build you can see that for my shoulder/upper arm to touch my face I either have to push my head to the side or shrug my shoulder.

In other words, it goes against the advice that there should be "a small apple" stuck between your shoulder and head. Not to mention that in TI you spear deeper so if you were to follow that advice, it might even make you tuck your head and dive.
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