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Huge thank you, Werner! Your comment has given me wings.

Do you really take only a single FP at time (do so with the above)?
Several points on your list have been in my mind while swimming, and you also highlighted my mistake that may have, in fact, prevented me from fixing, for example, the left spear: that I've been trying to focus on multiple FPs simultaneously. Never works!

My Coach has been saying the same, but apparently it's taken me months to really hear it out: I only started to really focus on one single FP maybe 8-10 days ago and that alone has been a learning curve :)

I'm having a very hard time with just one because I can sense real time as the rest of the stroke is falling apart and then I must fix "everything".
With the spear, it had been left mailslot entry & spear. So I start a length with clean slot entries and spearing straight to the target. For 2 strokes... Eventually, my 2bk (which I can do rather cleanly, with no little stabilizing kicks in-between but only if I focus on it) takes over, often after just 5-6 strokes and I seem to forget about the left entry, even though I started the whole length trying to fix the spear - only to notice at the end that I got hijacked again.

Oh and even you said the same thing to me already before. (My proprioception has certainly improved compared to that thread!)

I'll try my best again and again. Thanks again.
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