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Default Head Submerged causing breathing issues?

I thought I was having O2 issues b/c at the 65-70yd mark I'd feel like I was totally gassed. My breathing technique was to blow out all the air as soon as rotated away from the air and toward the water and I said that would work comfortably for two laps. But midway through the third lap I'd feel like I need air as soon as I rotated away from the air and into the water. So I'd wind up holding my breath until I reached the wall. So I thought perhaps this may be caused by other issues such as head position as I noticed i seemed to be looking ahead if you know what I mean.

So I decided to start again from square 1 or lesson 1, superman glide, superman flutter, etc. That's when I noticed that during core balance and skating that my head was completely submerged in the water. It felt like to me my head was submerged by 3 inches. Also, I noticed that I was less comfortable skating on my left side (or non-breathing side) and when I did try and breath on this side I'd have to rotate all the way to sweet spot. Oh I should also mention that during skating I tried working on swim and nod and when I would rotate my head 90degrees to the right both of my goggles were under water.

so I think I have two issues. A balance issue on my non-breathing side, and a breathing issue where I'm gassed in whole stroke. I'm not sure my balance issue is causing my breathing issue but I wouldn't rule it out. I should also mention that when I'm swimming I avg. 14-16 spl. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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