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Originally Posted by CoachJamesEwart View Post
absolutely not imposible to do with good balance in the water but certainly unco drills will not help you eiimnate 'bounce'
ha ha . I dont agree, but i like your firm opinions. Unco amplifies bouncing tendencies, so its easier to become aware of the causes and try to lessen them.
I am convinced the rotation and slight twisting aroud the axis during the stroke stabilises the forward movement and lessens bouncing. If you swim rather flat and have a jerky pull the bounce is much worse and forward progress less.
Your catch and pull can also greatly influence the bounce, but I fond the optimal movement for unco is slightly different than normal freestyle.
You need to exagerate the high elbow stuff relative to normal stroke.
here is swimmer thats intruducing little bounce by optimizing his pulling technique
(and because he has always an arm above water)

Even thorpe is not perfect. I dont like his shoulder first arm entry he uses on the the non breathing side often, but at the same time he has an unique swimming instinct most of us can only dream about.

I think his 3 stage 2BK helps to keep his body level at the same height and transfer the weight of the recovering arm partially in forward propulsion.
He has a first stage in his 2BK where he braces and connects his body with his pull, then the leg is stable like a rudder while he shoves his body forward straight ahead, and when he lifts the arm out the water he catches a bit with the lead arm, and gives a small afterkick with the diagional feet at the other side of the catching arm.
This way he builds a diagonal bridge with upward force from the feet and the arm, that resist the downward force from the recovering arm.
Upward and downward forces balanced this way,.

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