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Default If it helps -- then it might be good.

Thanks for your comments Noy.

I guess no one else has a comment on this. An individual thing I guess.

I agree with you. A basic snorkel ( the ones to the side - like the one I use - rather than the Finis - up over the forehead) certainly impede proper stroke and roll due to sucking in the water with too far a roll. We can do that without the tube !!

My efforts with the snorkel usage are to learn to relax and feel the glide along with some stroke timing. Sometimes I rest my arms behind my back and just flutter down the lane. Developing the feeling of complete exhalation by using the snorkel has helped; if I want to completely exhale through the nose alone. The little "drill" I described helped to develop breathing discipline to some degree. Without the snorkel I usually bubble from both nose and mouth but by doing as I described it basically built some breathing control --- valuable or not .. not sure. However as I said it has helped me learn the feeling of complete exhalation. This will aid the inhale by providing space and also lengthen the time to becoming "winded" due to lack of oxygen. The oboe players sometimes tend to get a similar winded feeling by "backing up" their air when not breathing properly. The tiny double reed makes blowing the instrument a bit difficult when learning to play it.

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