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Default Tri shorts/suits

Originally Posted by Flailing Like Mad View Post
Hi guys,

Being a former runner who has taken up swimming, I now have it stuck in my head to give this whole triathlon concept a go. But my question is, is there clothing on the market that is suitable for running and swimming? I'm guessing by now someone would have come up with the idea, so I would like to get an honest opinion on the good brands.

As other posters have commented, there are numerous products on the market. I'm a guy and have used the 2XU tri shorts successfully. It has good compression material for my thighs and a micro-chamois for the bike (so no soggy diaper feeling). The material doesn't give me a problem on the run either, and I easily move between all three disciplines in them. Most tri clothing folks realize they have to have a product that will be fairly comfortable and functional for all 3 disciplines. I've heard good words about Pearl Izumi too. I had Louis Garneau shorts for a couple of seasons but they wore out pretty quick. Now, there is the warning about not using in chlorinated pools but most of that is for repeated uses I've seen. If you're doing swim-bike brick or your own mini tri, it's not going to hurt once in a while. Yeah, I also recommend Body Glide no matter what you end up getting.
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