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Originally Posted by DavidBarra View Post
I am currently (no pun) training for a season of 4 marathon swims:
Tampa Bay
English Channel

I have secured a place in MIMS, and my EC pilot, Paul Foreman, sent me my contract today. My EC slot is for the tidal window of aug 28 - sept 6, 2010 but i plan to be in dover a week prior and will be prepared to swim on the spring tide on a nice day. (my position is #3).
I will try to schedule the Catalina swim for the 3rd week in July, but the tide charts are not out yet, and i will have to wait until December to do the booking.

TB and MIMS are fixed dates... April 17, and June 12 respectively.

I've got a 2011 slot booked for the EC as well.
I'm training for virtually the same series of swims as Dave.
March 22 Maui Channel (Lana'i to Maui) with Dave
April 17 Tampa Bay Marathon
June 7-8 Catalina Channel
Aug (sometime) English Channel

But that's looking at my reasons through a relatively small lens. Through a larger lens I'm training for a happy, healthy, long life.

And to answer still another way, I swim as a journey of personal growth.

I don't swim for exercise, but it's implicit that I get exercise as part of the bargain. I rarely give that aspect even a passing thought.
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