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I warm up in the gym. I do a 40 lb. lat. pull-down, "lawn-mover pull" on another machine, lots of stretching, walk the wall with my fingers, neck stretches, 3lb dumbell lifts, pass a ball behind my back,..anything that works on my range of motion.

The reason I kept my arm married to my core was becasue the doctor said....."ABSOLUTELY NO RAISING THE ARM FROM THE SIDE", I strapped it there and did balance drills till I was blue in the face.

The balance drills have been a blessing now that Iam actually swimming, I swam 100 yards and am beginning to feel like I`m being embrace by the water rather than fighting with the water. Hopefully, I will build endurance,,,,,,,Sunday, I`m planning on a trip to the 1/4 mile buoy off the La Jolla Cove. What will really happen is that I will do drills to the buoy,..float on my back,..meditate, and some gentle swimming. June 6,..Alcatraz,..sans wetsuit!
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