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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Wow! Sounds like a dream job! Extremely different life style from anything I've ever experienced, I'm sure. Are you getting exposed to Marshallese at all? How wide spread is it where you are?

the island I'm on is leased by the U.S. but the school has about 20% Marshallese students, and many of the workers here are Marshallese commute from a nearby island via ferry. I'm having my students teach me a little bit of Marshallese every day as far as language goes (e.g. "Ijaje kajin majol" = "I don't speak Marshallese" and "Ejeet am mour" = "How are you doing?" and of course "Yokwe" = "Welcome" and/or "Hello.") Not many of the U.S. workers seem to know much Marshallese at all, though.

I'm looking into getting connected with some of the traditional Marshallese sailing canoes eventually. Only been here a month, though, so my knowledge so far is pretty limited. Have you been to the Marshall Islands yourself? Not many people seem too familiar with them unless they have been here.
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