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Hello Tom65,

Spent over 40 years believing I couldn't float, then one day I extended my arms above my head, i.e. full streamline, hands just out of the water to balance my chicken legs and I'm floating comfortably.

All that relax your limbs stuff is BS, just gotta find your body position that achieves a balance in water.
First: I don't like discussions with BS as an argument, and am glad they are extremely rare in the TI-forums. So this will be my last statement in this thread.

Second: If you found your way to swim and feel well and maybe even arrived the end of your strived at goals, nobody should dissuade you.

Third: Your statement about your hand out of surface... Hmmm, it will really help you to level your body parallel to surface, but only in a static (not moving forward) position. It's hard to believe (for me) that this will really be streamlined with a streamline parallel to surface. And if you're going to move your front arm, with hand above surface down to a catch/pull/push or however you'll call it, you have to press it down against the water. If you do that forcefully you might push your head out of the water like a dolphin and feel easier to get a breath, but you'll cause your legs to sink even more and worse, you'll initiate an unwanted bopping. And you put power into all that non-propulsion-movements. You do like that? Great!

Fourth: And now finally I'll shut up in this thread.

Best regards,
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